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There were three da u gh ters and one son now deceased of the first marriage.. CoQctson and Mr R. Mr ; Mmttt caDed the displayed in! Prince Andrew is a helicopter pilot on board foe Invincible. Bangladesh is blessed because, unlike Indonesia, it has no oiL The unwary reader of Professors Bauer and Yamey might suppose that donors exercise no control over the uses of their aid. Harris dismisses it, tripping him on inaccurate details – and indeed there are plenty, no doubt intentionaL:

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In Israel itself; he is appealing against a nine- month prison sentence after being convicted of baying votes in the Knesset ejections, in East Beirut, he was carrying his credentials. The college hopes the Government will take note of the vote and drop its proposal to include untrained nursing auxiliaries within the remit of the review body.

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They drive two- door cars with instrument panels like an F’s. Similarly, the role of Abbey Housing Association is important in providing new housing. The final decision rests entirely with the borrower. A final dividend wfina 3. The forecast builds for real. The Iraqi president is now increasingly dependent on Arab paymasters who would gladly ditch him if they could be sure of a stable peace.

We are much nearer Mr Joe Ashton Bassetlaw. Gfit prices fell on unease over spending in the final month to the latest government borrow- soak up any avina cash. Iranian army crosses into Iraq.


Miw Roberts efotmwri that was entitled -to an mwriMiaw- pension because she was within 10 yean of her normal retirement age although under But somehow we do not get similarly upset wheat we. The two expelled Britons are to arrive at Heathrow on a British Airways flight today.

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From the Redifosston music factory in Orpington I had been given a six-pack of background music cassettes. Accordingly Miss Roberts’s claim fell within tbe exclusion contained in section 6 4. The Guild is also banking on an audio-visual revolution in the near future: The disting uished professors have made no reference to agina need for establishing a mechanism for improving commodity prices.

The Mortgage Deposit Scheme helps you save for that important deposit and qualify for a mortgage. Sal a iza, of Chihuahua, Mexico. What efforts is to the R e a ga n mrtian ve see k to There are divisions no practical alternative to the the Government majwig in reg ar d dissuade the Israeli gove rnm e n t FLO which make propos a ls of President Reagan as to these twin obstacles to peace in from these courses?

AO governments so far have felled to lead, this country to foe extra performance necessary to. He was a thorooughly professional writer and a credit to the genre he chose.


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Or and Mn KmmOi Wtban. The ladder was out on the wrong side, but my man took his salty, balletic leap and was crawling up the great steady ship as we rocketed off to lead the hurtling way. So to such a character he gives heroic status, even though Cassius makes false propaganda to win Brutus to his cause: Latin was a self-consciously learned and elitist literature, owing allegiance to the genres, forms, metres and technical standards of Ga353 Greece.

If at all possible; the bereaved should be able to visit. Halloway and Dr E. Union leaders claimed the future was higher, but acknowledged that wg353 was much lower than the estimatedinvolved in the tax march of March, We glimpse this early on in tbe piece on Junior Johnson. Whereas in Britian we hate all critics, more or less impartially, theatre people to America tend to reserve most of their venom for the NYT man: A Ramsay, 57; Professor J. Exchange rate movements helped us a ag3553.

The shares in the market at p to up2patp. In the present case on the facts two views were possible.