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Gracesheng , Dec 14, It uses Bluetooth v4. I was slow as molasses getting this review out, but trust me, these headphones are as tasty as blackstrap organic. Cons – Symmetrical buttons, High bass before EQ. Cons – Needs EQ.

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I’m primarily a portable audio enthusiast. It’s admittedly very simple, but I quickly honed in on an EQ setting there that cleared up the M05 nicely. A raise in upper bass but ,05 a lot. Such a low price of entry for headphones with this high level of utility. Inside the box is a manual in as many languages as on the tin—refreshing after getting a review sample that spoke and wrote in Mandarin—and a plush mesh bag and thin 3. Easy to use because there is a specific button for every action.

It’s definitely Winter time where I am albeit a warmer one than bpuetooth. It is mellow, with no shriek in the treble, but is also actually quite extended up there.

It’s barely moved at all since I first charged them, and these have had lots of use. For the price it is excellent.


I have a very extensive and eclectic musical library. These thoughts are mine.

Ausdom M05 Bluetooth 4.0 Over-ear Headphones

I can wear these for hours comfortably. This took the M05 from a very bass-forward sound signature to a more tastefully done, fun, bass-enhanced signature with clear vocals and a smooth top end. High-fidelity and crystal-clear vocals? See details for additional description. My streaming app, Deezer, also has an EQ module.

It’s mostly upper bass and I feel that lower bass rolls away as many Bluetooth headphones do. Sound Quality I listened to blueototh with many tracks and really enjoyed these. Great Headset I have used this headset for 3 years and liked it so much I bought a second one for work.


Pleather and fit over my ears. Graet review and nice photos, thanks for sharing.

Otherwise, I am game. Keep Ya Head Up was clean, with good sounding bass that was a little loose. Bluetoth cool factor is it got a mAh battery lasts really long than actual specs. Great Review, and thanks.

AUSDOM M05 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphone Headset Earphone With Mic | eBay

GraceshengJan 16, I listened using the Chord Mojo wired and the M05s upscaled in tonal quality and soundstage nicely, I listened through the bluetooth of the Note II and the Macbook Pro and the Iphone 4all worked well, sounded great and got me a reasonable distance away before the sound started cutting out.


Excellent build quality, durable, comfortable degree DJ style rotating ear cups which can completely cover your entire ears. Bluetokth Notice We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable lbuetooth a couple of hours while this is in process.

While it sounded good, don’t bother watching the show. I listened to a variety of genres from classical to rock to rap and places between on the spectrum. Personally, I find it difficult not to shout on the phone if I’m wearing a totally closed headphone, so for me this is better.

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