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The product support may not be there or as good as you were expecting if you run into issues. See all 2 brand new listings. Did I tell you lots of noise? What do you think of the a Tektronix Oscilloscope. Of course I knew this ahead of time. The ring not the movieā€¦ Attachment 5:

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I prefer an attached device because it is so much more portable when traveling. I had expected more of a square wave but it is not nearly square.

Hantek BE- Will it work for me – Page 1

It is bad but not drop dead. Yes, the travel time alone would have covered more than twice the cost of the unit. Shipping costs for this return to be borne by customer. Most relevant reviews See all 24 reviews. This is true of this scope.

Thank you hantek for building this product! But before anything else happens Windows says “Scope has stopped working” with the only option being to close the window. I’ve attached an HP Stream 7 running Windows 10 — it’s an almost perfect combination.


If the Tek can do 1-shot captures with the appropriate plug in, even better. The has been around for more than years. I wanted to use this scope as a very portable device, but clearly it is not a reliable piece of gear.

I left in If you’ve got linux don’t expect an hangek like you’d have with one of those old analog Tektronix oscilloscopes. Looking at the square rectangular part, it is just about twice as wide as a 1MHz square wave, so a 1MHz square wave should show reasonably well.

Show More Show Less. The BL function will run and shows a very limited capability logic analyzer.

Good luck with your decision. Finally I discovered that I could drag the trace onthe X-axis to align the trigger point to a specific location and fell in love with this unit.

See reply 12 at http: I updated the code to work with python3 and installed the python3 branch. I think I would have had better results immediately if the unit came with a comprehensive manual. Not worth the hanetk Rising edge, falling edge Trigger Source: I didn’t try virtual box or other possibilities.


I just added a review of this unit in a different thread that may be interesting for you: Better than I expected The unit works very well, once you get used to it.

Hantek6002BE Series

I have used many automotive specific versions of oscilloscopes as well as having owned a few myself. Numbers and read outs are also minimal on the main screen, that is until you 66022be adding math functions everywhere! You will outgrow this one if you stay in EE. For only digital stuff, this logic analyzer does great http: This time, the uH is calculated to be uH.

Hantek BE, good for beginner?

This manual covers this entire series and this unit may not have all features mentioned. High bandwidth digital is good. I purchased one of these so I could play with it.

Great match with Windows 10 tablet.