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Do not remove this cable, it is fine where it is. But other than the pae issue Ubuntu works fine on a T42 which is similar enough to the T40 to almost guarantee support. But even after a reboot, it would soon run into the same problem. Since ThinkPads with the IBM logo no longer have warranty coverage, if yours is affected by poor solder joints you need to take other measures to remedy the problem. I suppose if you can’t access a heat gun or reflow station this is better than nothing.

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I just got this Thinkpad T40 for free because it was not working. One of the things to keep in mind about the T40 is that it is designed in kbm ways for being deployed in droves across a large business. Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh.

IBM Thinkpad T40 Review

Apart from what you use, it will always be a temporary fix, IF it works at all. You must login or create an account to comment.

Typical Symptoms of Solder Problems In most cases, problems resulting from cracked or damaged solder flux around the ATI graphics chip in a ThinkPad laptop are intermittent at first and usually worsen gradually.

Most of the other applications IBM included basically duplicate the functionality of other programs.

Thinkpad T60P video driver – Ask Ubuntu

This makes it easier for a large company to deploy their own images for easy restoring, but to vieeo average user it means you pay for 6GB of disk space you can’t use without reformatting. The lid is also designed so its edges come around the base a little when it is closed. The issue is caused by a bug in the latest 8.


If you so desire, a more comprehensive warranty is available, which provides for next-day on-site repair. I am still struggling with madwifi: Ive been waiting to do anything to my x because I have concerns about what these upgrades will do to my system or negative side effects So viveo Ross Fleming 1 8 R, T and T61p iibm has been described here: How much memory have you ugraded your T40 with now.

A stacked height of The audio in this thin machine seems compromised — sounds kind of muffled, even though vido loud. However, many people report successful results with normal hot-air guns or even with baking a ThinkPad motherboard inside an oven to get the flux to soften and fill in the cracks. Not willing to discard it, I tried this fix.

IBM ThinkPad T40

The standard IrDA for exchange of files and communication with nearby laptops is of course included. That said, if you mess it up, it’s not my fault. It worked for me, but somehow messed up with the network drivers and i could not have my eth and wlan0 up after the install. I realised that flexing the case produced good results sometimes, and since I don’t have a heat gun nor a cup of alcohol to reflow the solder with, I thought of some alternate solutions.


Marino Prandini 1 1. There is an orange ribbon cable overlapping it. The full specs on the machine are as follows: Imb, the problem is most likely a cracked or frayed solder connection. I was able to use my thinkpad again after 2 months of comes and goes to various service experts who, among others, suggested motherboard replacement!!!

Additionally in my case, sometimes after I tried to reboot, it wouldn’t boot, but I noticed that if I flexed the base of the machine a bit and powered on again, it would boot. All T40 models have dual USB 2. I would have loved to have seen FireWire standard on this notebook, but I don’t think the omission is anywhere near being a deal breaker. Do be sure to do this part right because if it isn’t the right thickness it won’t help at all.

If this one doesn’t work, plan B might be another one I found that simply uses a fancy epoxy glue billed as high tempearture and non conducting to keep the GPU “glued” to the MOBO and try to prevent flexing and breaking the connection. When the dust settled there was one laptop still standing: