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Supports Mac OS X I leave it on a lot. That didn’t solve the problem either. Have a go at renaming AUD. It starts happening somewhere after I install the updates that Windows promt for after the SP1 update for Windows 7 Professional 64Bit. Update the motherboard BIOS.

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Going into the interface properties sometimes re-triggers it and gets it going again. Maybe it’s a problem resulting from wear and tear.

I checked and Windows still had the MOTU listed as working and as the mtu all other devices have been disabled anyway. CakeAlexS We seem to get a lot issues with offline DAWs here that don’t get the benefit of performance fixes or library updates e.

Using the PCI-324 ASIO driver and the Wave driver at the same time

I tried asjo and rebuilding the AUD. I’ve taken to using Voicemeeter The engineers say race control is under UPS and there is no-one else here at the moment, so I don’t think power quality is an issue.

Thanks terry for your comments. I don’t install them anymore!

[SOLVED] (sort of) MOTU no longer working in ASIO driver mode

Unstuff with Expander version 7. I feel better in a depressing way that this has happened before. This install provides compatibility updates for Tiger OSX moty People say it’s ok to put your DAW online. None of it was indicated in the Motu Mixer levels or oscilloscope.


[SOLVED] (sort of) MOTU no longer working in ASIO driver mode | Cakewalk Forums

This only happened a couple of times but though. Fort Worth, TX Status: Any kind of power saving options have been turned off screen saver, power down etc. My starting point would be renaming Aud. The last update from MS needed two reboots to motk install And if the MOTU drivers don’t do sample rate conversion, how will DP handle audio files that are different sample rates than the project?

I will try using USB2 for another test.

The archive also contains additional documentation to supplement the audio interface User Guide. In many cases, the legacy aslo improves FireWire performance on Windows 7 and can resolve many Pro Tools issues such as DAE errors, freezes, and pops and clicks.

I’ve gone through similar Windows optimizations as OP has. Listen to my music on http: Windows 98Windows MEWindows I’m not daisy-chaining any other hardware into it via ADAT or anything. If you end up trying to remove the drivers to re-install them, see this post here: All else is in doubt, so this is the truth I cling to. I mostly get that behavior with my UltraLite Mk3 not hybrid when I leave the unit on a long time like a day or 3 without powering down.


I have two mk III’s that are a couple of months old and few actual operating hours. Who is online In total there are 2 users online:: I might have to go that route, it might have been a windows update that broke it.

I could list the kb’s when I get a chance, but haven’t had time. The MOTU drivers do not seem capable of sample rate conversion – rather, they crank the insides asoo the hardware to match the incoming sample rate. Unfortunately, it sounded dirty and the motu oscilloscope shows that the same packet of slightly corrupted audio data was coming through the asio buffer switch part of the sine wave was being cut off.

After install completes, power up your MOTU audio interface.